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Benefitting From Counseling

Unfortunately, I had a pretty traumatic childhood. My parents were always fighting, and I was faced with trying to decide what to do about my own personal feelings. When I got older, I knew that I needed to do something to relieve the stress that I was feeling even many years later, so I started focusing on going to counseling. My first few appointments were a little nerve-racking, but the counselor worked hard to make me feel comfortable. I was really impressed with how gentle and kind she was, and I felt really great about the progress I was making. This blog is all about benefiting from counseling.


Benefitting From Counseling

3 Reasons Therapy Is Essential for a Child with Anxiety Issues

Ron Henry

Anxiety can have a severely negative impact on a child's quality of life. It can interfere with a child's experiences at school and at home. Whether brought on by a trauma or simply by some reason that isn't easily understood, anxiety should be treated very seriously. Luckily, there are treatments for children with anxiety, and taking your child to therapy can be a solid step to help your child deal with an anxiety disorder. Here are three reasons that therapy is essential for a child experiencing ongoing anxiety.

Therapy Can Be Good for Physical Health

Not only can anxiety be devastating for a child's emotional health and development, but it can even impact their physical health. Anxiety has both a physical and psychological impact on the body. Some of the immediate physical symptoms that may be present include nausea, diarrhea, and light-headedness. Beyond that, anxiety may be a contributing factor to some people developing respiratory disorders or heart disease. Therapy can help curb anxiety, which can ultimately lead to greater overall health and well-being.

Therapy Can Prevent a Chronic Condition

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety can become a chronic condition unless it's treated. When anxiety becomes a chronic condition, it can stop a child from leading a normal life. Anxiety can stop kids from making friends and enjoying simple pleasures in life. When a child is feeling too much anxiety in school, their academic growth may be stalled, and that can limit the quality of the education they receive and ultimately restrict opportunities later in life. Being proactive about helping a child heal through therapy can prevent anxiety from developing into a full blown chronic condition.

Therapy Can Stop Behavioral Problems

Anxiety can cause a variety of behavioral problems in children that can prevent them from establishing friendships with their peers and enjoying normal relationships with teachers. Therapy can directly address the anxiety that causes such problems and help a child figure out better ways to deal with the anxiety than acting out.

Finally, therapy can help the child conquer anxiety and thrive without the dreadful feelings that it can bring into their lives. Therapy is different for every child and situation, and there are no guarantees of a specific result with therapy. It's possible to find the right therapist for your child who can help them cope with their anxiety and heal. Because therapy can also help address the underlying causes of anxiety, it can provide them with coping skills that are beneficial for the rest of their lives.